Lemon Tahini Fish

When trying to eat low fat, but high protein, I love to incorporate white fish into my diet. Cod is one of my favorites because it's flavorful and inexpensive; I also enjoy making halibut. I've always said Nashville would be the perfect place to live, if we were bordered by an ocean, and had fresh … Continue reading Lemon Tahini Fish

Lemon Baked Cod with Cavatelli and Tomato Sauce

For Christmas, I was sent a gift basket from an Italian Restaurant in NYC, and still have loads of pasta left. I of course ate the fresh ravioli immediately, but still had some frozen cavatelli left. This simple recipe is delicious and easy. Fix the cod without the pasta, or vice versa if you like! … Continue reading Lemon Baked Cod with Cavatelli and Tomato Sauce