Bacon Wrapped Seared Scallops

If you know me, you know I love seafood. My dad was a foodie, and spoon fed me Cajun seafood gumbo at the age of one. Nashville had a sad selection of seafood restaurants in the 90s, but we still went to a place called, "Florida Seafood" a few times of year, as well as … Continue reading Bacon Wrapped Seared Scallops

Smoked Paprika Breakfast Potatoes

I've whipped up a recipe for smoked paprika breakfast potatoes, and they are delicious paired with eggs, bacon, or even as a side with whatever you're having for dinner. These would also be divine in a breakfast burrito (I haven't eaten yet today and I want to eat everything I'm talking about). Sometimes I get carried … Continue reading Smoked Paprika Breakfast Potatoes