Friendsgiving Sandwich Sliders

"Friendsgiving," is the equivalent of a Thanksgiving meal but with friends instead of your relatives. Most don't realize it's the perfect opportunity to bring something other than the same ole turkey & stuffing you eat with your fam... hence, the Friendsgiving Sandwich Slider is here! Some Friendsgiving/Thanksgiving dinners consists of smaller group of people and a whole … Continue reading Friendsgiving Sandwich Sliders

Street Taco Casserole

Everyone loves street tacos, and everyone loves casseroles, so why not combine the two into a one pan, family-friendly meal?! Street Taco Casserole it is! Recently I wondered if such a recipe existed, but all I found were "Taco Bell" like taco casseroles... ground beef, cheese, etc. I wanted an authentic taco with cilantro and … Continue reading Street Taco Casserole