L.A. Food Fest

Originally known as the “LA Street Food Fest,” it was the first of its kind, and has grown into one of the most diverse and delectable food fests SoCal has to offer. With over 100 different restaurants, food trucks, carts, beer, wine, chefs, and speakers, there was something for everyone to enjoy. 

The festival was held at the historical Santa Anita racetrack, at the base of the Rocky Mountains, and nature provided a beautiful natural backdrop (perfect for snapping an Instagram pic). Your tickets and admission grant you access to the food free of charge! SUPER AWESOME!

Upon entering the grounds, you were greeted with a Spindrift sparkling water while waiting in line to get in and given a Michelob Ultra beer once you had entered the festival. All restaurants/vendors has their own booth or food truck. NASA also had their own tent set up!

Below are my own personal awards for the festival… Long live the LA Food Fest – it will be missed!

Amber with Good AF Eats at the L.A. Food Fest

10th Annual L.A. Food Fest Round-Up

Best Beer Calidad Beer, Mexican style lager hand-crafter in California. Loved their branding, and taste of the beer

Best Sushi Takami Sushi, Seared Tuna & Sunomono Salad

Best CevichePez Cantina, Shrimp Ceviche Verde

Best TacoA’s BBQ, Smoked Brisket Taco, with crema, jalapeno and pickled red onion

Favorite CurryLuckdish Curry, Japanese Curry with chickpeas over white rice

Most Spicy Dish5 Elementos, Carne Asada Mexicali Taco with HOT Fuego Salsa

Best Hot SauceKumana Foods, Avocado hot sauce! Best flavor was the Spicy Mango.

Best ItalianPasta Sisters, Homemade Gnocchi with Bolognese Sauce

Favorite Ethnic FoodAfrican Chop, Jollof, rice, Suya (Beef) SO GOOD, Greens, Plantains

Favorite SweetVoodoo Donut, “The Homer” yeast donut dipped in strawberry icing with sprinkles… seriously the best donut I’ve EVER had! 

Coolest DessertHelado Ice Cream, Honeycombover and Chill, Champagne No Gain flavors

Best PieThe Pie Hole, Pies are turned into miniature pie holes (blueberry crumble, caramel apples, oreo)… so adorable, and so tasty!  

 Most Creative Dish & Chef Sergio Meza, Executive Chef of Villanos en Bermudas; Charboiled Beet w/ Mascarpone Cheese, Pistachios & Black Lemon Dust

Favorite Local GrubComfort LA, Fried chicken wings, greens

Best Worth the WaitBig Grandma’s Kitchen, Authentic El Salvadorian Hand-Made Pupusas… the line was long for this one, but it was so delicious!

Thank you, L.A. Food Fest for having us! I am glad we got to experience the LAST festival… can’t wait to see what y’all come up with next year!

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