Homemade Pickled Red Onions

Take back Taco Tuesday with a vengeance, with these easy-to-make, delightful pickled red onions. Fresh cilantro, pickled onions, and a lime wedge can really bump your taco game up a notch. I love to top fresh Mexican food or avocado toast with these lil’ purple guys. Not only do they had a unique flavor, but they’re pretty too (Instagram worthy fa sho).

I was trying to find these in the store this past week, and was having a rough time. Do you know how hard it is to find jarred pickled onions at the grocery? It’s nearly impossible, so, I thought, “why not make them myself?!”



The best part is, they are SO easy and effortless to make, and last up to 2 weeks once made!

For many people, these are a pantry staple, and can add just the right touch to a dish you’re making. I suggest storing them in a jar, and make sure you keep them in the refrigerator. These all make a great hostess or holiday gift idea too when packaged in a tiny mason jar. Tie a ribbon around it, and voila!

TIP: It’s important to always use fresh squeezed lemon or lime juice, when a recipe calls for it. Pre-squeezed juice will impact the flavor, and not for the better!


Homemade Pickled Red Onions
Yields 6 Servings

1 Red Onion, halved, and thinly sliced
1/2 c apple cider vinegar
1/4 c lime juice, freshly squeezed
1/4 c white sugar
Few pinches of sea salt
Pinch of red pepper flakes

1. Place sliced onions in a bowl, large enough to transport water in.
2. Boil a kettle or pot of water. Once boiling, pour over bowl of onions, making sure all onions are fully submerged. After 10 seconds (you can count to 10), drain onions, and set aside.
3. Over low-medium heat, heat vinegar, lime juice, sugar, chili flakes, and salt in a saucepan for 3-4 minutes. Once sugar has dissolved, remove from heat.
4. Pour heated vinegar mixture over onions, and let stand for a few minutes. Preferably, let cool to room temperature before serving.
5. You can eat immediately, or let sit overnight for maximum flavor.
6. Serve with tacos, nachos, vegetables, toast, or whatever you desire!

Let me know if you made this recipe and what you thought! Tag your pics on Insta @goodAFeats! xoxo, Amber

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