Skinny Margaritas

I’m typing this as I’m getting ready for a Cancer Survivor benefit, so don’t expect a long post for this one.

Margaritas – we all love them. We all want them. The recipe I’m providing you is not only easy, but healthy too! Skinny Margs don’t have to taste “healthy.” Anytime I’ve ordered a “skinny” margarita when I’m out, it tastes like garbage. This one tastes refreshing and delicious, and the best part… IT HAS LA CROIX IN IT.


For the love of God, please use fresh limes. Please, please, please do not buy pre-squeezed lime juice. If I could ever give anyone advice when it comes to cooking, fresh lemon and lime juice are always the way to go. The taste is completely different!

Also, choose a good tequila and triple sec. Don’t buy bottom shelf bullsh*t and then say it tastes bad…

Skinny La Croix Margaritas
Makes 1 serving

2 limes, freshly squeezed
1 tbsp Agave Nectar
1 shot of triple sec (I used Cointreau)
2 shots of tequila (I used 1800)
Half a can of Lime La Croix

This drink is not super carbonated, even with the La Croix, so do not be fooled! Let me guys know what you think!

Thank you to my friend Kaylie for teaching me how to make these!

-xoxo, Amber






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